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About us

Modern trends in surgery require a high degree of specialization and new forms of professional cooperation. Our clinic, Praxis für Koloproktologie, is therefore located in a center for surgical expertise in the Praxisklinik 2000 in Freiburg im Breisgau, where various subspecialities in surgery share facilities. We are located on the campus of the Evangelisches Diakonie Kankenhaus Freiburg, an academic teaching hospital of the School of Medicine, University of Freiburg. This unique infrastructure enables us to offer very individual treatment modalities to our patients, especially for visiting patients from overseas.
The interior of our clinic is spaciously designed and generously equipped. The technical standards meet the demands of a state-of-the-art facility. The measure of quality is periodically checked by the German legal authorities and meets the European norms of total quality management (DIN ISO 9000:2008).
For colonoscopy we follow the guidelines of the German Medical Assosciation´s professional code of conduct in our endoscopy unit. Equivalent compulsory and advisory critical levels are strictly followed in our continuous surgical training and hygiene requirements for our operating facilities. Surgical procedure can either be performed on an out-patient basis in our clinic or in the surgical center of the Evangelisches Diakonie Krankenhaus, where we take personal care of our patients as attending specialists in our Department for Coloproctology. For emergency cases in our sub-speciality, and in cases that demand a very close postoperative surveillance of our patients, we provide on-call service (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and have the facility of an intensive care unit for our patients in the affiliated hospital (Evangelisches Diakonie Krankenhaus).

Praxis für Koloproktologie in FreiburgThe tastefully equipped rooms in our department were remodeled in 2008 and offer first class standards with all the amenities of modern life. We participate in a network of medical specialists and therefore can offer to arrange consultations or preoperative investigations in other fields of medicine practiced within the Freiburg area. We have several case-managers cooperating with us to assist patients speaking a foreign language, or to organize travel to Freiburg and accommodations during their stay.




Wirthstraße 11A
79110 Freiburg i. Brsg.
Fon: +49 761-20 88 200
Fax: +49 761-28 99 46