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Patient care at our clinic is supported by advanced programs in medical education. The collaboration and interaction of highly qualified specialists within our clinic promotes high standards of medical care and helps patients to receive the best medical care and treatment for their condition.

Strittmatter The clinic was founded in 1992 by Dr. Bernhard Strittmatter, who was trained at several institutions in Germany (School of Medicine, University of Freiburg, Klinikum Konstanz etc.). During his career Dr. Strittmatter focused on coloproctology and accomplished his further special education in coloproctology in the German Center for Coloproctology in Mannheim. Dr. Strittmatter is involved in educating General Surgeons from all over the nation. He is president of the Association for Coloproctology in Germany and is on the editorial board of various medical journals. Also Dr. Strittmatter is member of the organizing committee of a number of specific professional conventions in Coloproctology that are held annually in Germany.

FurtwaenglerDr. Alex Furtwängler has been supporting the team since 2004. He was educated in the Department of General Surgery, School of Medicine at the Univeristy of Freiburg, and was trained as a colorectal surgery and endoscopy specialist.His surgical experience has earned him a degree in Coloproctology from the European Board of Surgical Qualification in 2006. In addition to his daily practice, he is part of an international faculty offering continuing medical education for surgeons from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

UJNDr. Ute Jahnke-Nückles has supported the staff since 2004. In her daily practice she concentrates on ambulant patients suffering from coloproctologic problems.

ESDr. Eva-Maria Stang joined the clinic in 2006 as a General Surgeon with a specialty in Coloproctology. She is performing ambulant operations in our clinic and is part of the surgical team in our Department of Coloproctology.




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